Along with our fountain sodas and iced tea, we also feature a variety of beers and wine.

Our Favorite Drinks

Picture of our tap beers (Island Blonde)
Picture of our bottled beers
Picture of our 805 Beer

Local and Premium Brews

Here at Giovanni's, we support our local businesses with local beers on tap from California and even our own Carpinteria.

  Always here:

     - Island brewery blonde ale

     - Firestone 805

     - Sierra Nevada Hazy little thing IPA

     - Modelo Especial (OUT)

  On rotation:

     - Island IPA

     - Swami's

     - SLO-Brews Cali Squeeze

  Glass: $6.00

  Pitcher: $15.00

We also have popular American-made beers on tap such as:

  - Coors Light 

  Glass: $5.00

  Pitcher: $13.00

coca cola logo

Soda and Other Bottled Drinks

We have a full assortment of Coca-Cola products from the tap as well as the following bottled drinks:

  - Gourmet Vanilla Cream Soda

  - Gourmet Root Beer

  - Gourmet Orange Cream Soda

  - Boylan Black Cherry Soda

  - Boylan Grape Soda

  - Boylan Ginger Ale

  - Powerade

  - Snapple

  - Sunny D

  - Peligrino

  - Water

Bottled Drinks: $2.30

Bottled Water: $1.95

From the Tap: Small/$1.95


Picture of wine being poured


Wines available:

  - Chardonnay

  - Pinot Grigio

  - Rose

  - Merlot

  - Cabernet Sauvignon(OUT)

  - Chianti

glass: $5.50

bottle: $12.95


Bottled Brews

Bottled beers available:

  - Stella Artois

  - Dos Equis

  - Pacifico

  - Corona Extra

  - Heineken

  - Budweiser

  - Bud light

  - Modelo(OUT)

  - Modelo Negro(OUT)

  - Michelob Ultra

  - Angry Orchard Hard Cider

  - White claw(can)

Domestic: $5.00

Premium: $6.00